What a strange girl

Thinks herself a jazz genius

She a show stopping beauty all hair and booty


What a strange girl

Feels she’s the queen of all she surveys

With her eyes closed and perfume for clothes

Everyone who knows her knows what I know

What do I know?


What a strange girl

With her cat gut guitar hung like a toy

Pout and blink at every pretty boy

Gliding through soho

Black cabs and mojo

What do I know?


Oh a strange girl

On a happy path to notoriety and fame

Lapping up compliments from dim to inane

Let’s not be different

Let’s all be the same

We think you’re insane

What do I know?


Oh what a strange girl

With a bright shiny future to look back upon

Now she’s shacked up in Putney with some fat cats son

Everything bores her

No one adores her

And the muse that once floored her will no longer come

Don’t come, come, don’t come


What do I know