I’m sat drinking coffee and shouting at the radio

What is this godforsaken world coming to?

I don’t like the wars and I don’t like the leaders

I don’t like the propaganda they feed us

So I turn on the TV, what are they telling us?

The guy next door appears to be famous

He’s slightly better looking than the guy next to him

And he’s got a revolutionary way of shopping


So I lock up the flat and go to the corner shop

I buy me a bottle believe me I like a drop

Sit on the corner and talk to the African

They moved them all in now they’re moving them out again


My boyfriend’s got a new phone it doesn’t make sense

The kisses he send me all cost ten pence

And we all watch East Enders cos they seem to know

That life is a dull phase that everyone goes through


Pick out an album, Pick out a tune

If it’s right for you honey it’s right for me too

We’ll all sit together on a sofa of love

And we will talk shit ‘til the sun comes up


I paid four ninety nine from furniture factory

I wanted the chair but they never got back to me

And I can’t help but wonder who’d be sitting there now

If anyone gave a shit in old Silvertown


Silvertown Silvertown

Silvertown, It glistens It tarnishes too

You love me and I love you

Silver town