A woman sits with an aching heart

That beats so hard it tears her apart

So what’s she left with?

A gift but nothing to give

Like a butterfly in her hand

She could hardly speak

As they sped through the hinterland

Of dreams and questions

And a gold moon rising

On the blue horizon


There’s a ghostly tree of charcoal and negativity

It was a gift it was taken from me

Now I have nothing to give to nobody else

It’s my heart

I gave it to you

But you can’t know what to do with it

It was a gift

A fundamental shift for nobody else


It’s very quiet so I can hardly hear it

But when it’s dark at night I almost fear it

I’ve done it to myself

To nobody else

I know it’s there just the other day

It was beat beat beat beat beating away

Like a butterfly in my hand

For nobody else