Little victories, me over you

Little victories but every time I win

I lose

Read the reviews

It’s all in the news

I lose

Little victories, you over me

Little victories,

but the people are too blind to see

So they read the reviews

It’s all in the news

I lose

What is mine, what is yours,

it’s a very good cause

It’s the biggest, it’s the best, it is love

What is right, what is wrong,

the confusion goes on

Who’s below and who is above

For better, for worse, it’s a mine field, a curse

We’re in love, we’re in hate, we’re in hell

With my hand on my heart I have fallen apart

It’s as broken as I’ve ever felt

You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful,

I’m bitter, I’m twisted

You’re a dreadful old cynic and I’m so optimistic

Won’t you hold my hand, honey,

Because I’m so confused

You will comfort me I will confront you

We will comfort each other, it’s all in the news

I lose