She’s not blind

her man is lying

but she’s lapping it up

takes a kiss and a hug

and the meet after work for a drink

It’s all fine

it’s a tiny little sin

he feels like a man

and she gets what she wants from him

And when you turn up the TV

you can’t think

How lucky do you feel?

the way you view the world

is it real or unreal?

Do you lie to yourself?

Is it easy to swallow?

How lucky to be free

from the impossible truth

and the stark reality

that the world and its people

are shadows

She’s not blind

he buys her whisky and coke

and he tells her a joke

but she can’t shake the way that she feels

It’s all fine fine until your heart breaks

then you have to admit

that your greatest mistake

was pretending that his lies were real

So smile smile until your face cracks

and the lying people they stab you in the back

Count yourself lucky if you’re not in on the deal