Grace sits in the sunshine

With Destiny her best mate

In the golden day glow

She wants the whole world to know

That Saturday night was great

She likes to go down The Flamingo

See if her luck has changed

It’s not that expensive

A few twenty pences

It reminds her of back in the day


They closed Dreamland

Years ago now

They turned the lights out

In the heart of this tired old town

They closed Dreamland

They closed it down

I’d dream my way out of here but I don’t know how


She just wants what’s best for the baby

But that’s not what she’s had from life

So she does what she can

To find a good man

But half decent would suit her alright


They closed Dreamland…


She doesn’t fit in and she knows it

She should just get up and go

But it’s a giant step

On the National Express

When this place is all that you know


They closed Dreamland…