A photograph of you and me when we first met

Sits in a frame as the years go by it gets

Bleached out by the sun that shines each day

Our faces are fading away

She’s a shadow of the girl who once stood by you

She’s tired, frustrated, she questions your every move

You wonder where the hell that girl has gone

And where you went wrong


Come back home

My angel where have you gone?

Why would you leave me so alone?

Come back home, come back home


She smiles for a moment, she returns again

That graceful young angel who stole your heart way back when

You rest your hand in hers, she disappears

Closed in a locket of ancient fears

You stand like a lighthouse so patiently

You know deep in your heart

She’ll find her way eventually

But she’s caught up in a crosswind of her memories

Sailing on green fabric seas


And you say, Come back home…


The world’s an ugly place we all have to share

Once upon a time we both faced it without a care

Because I had you and you had me for real

Do you remember how that used to feel?


And you say, Come back home…